Vacation – Mount Salak’s Temple

One of the beautiful Temple that I like in Bogor (West Java) is Mount Salak‘ Temple. There is the place where Hindus praying. The weather in that place is cold. If you arrive at midnight, you can see dew smokes fall from the sky. Your mouth will steamy when you are talking. If you can’t tolerate cold weather, you must prepare socks and jacket. These are some photos that I toke when I and my Family went to Mount Salak’ Temple :

Gunung Salak's Temple

Gunung Salak's Temple 2

Gunung Salak's Temple 3 What a beautiful place

Gunung Salak's Temple 4

When I was in this place, I feel peace in my soul. If you are a Hindus and you come to Bogor or live near Bogor, you must visit this temple. I recommended this Temple for you 🙂