Vacation – Kawasan Dataran Tinggi Dieng

Actually I often go vacation in some of famous recreation place in Java and Bali, like Borobudur temple , Prambanan Temple, Gembiraloka zoo, Puncak Bogor, Taman safari Bogor, Sanur beach, Kuta beach, Besakih Temple, etc…

But now, I want to share you about my vacation at “Kawasan Dataran Tinggi Dieng”. [Kawasan Dieng placed in Banjarnegara, Central Java (Indonesia). I like that place because it has fresh cold air. That’s suitable with you who like mountains.

at Dieng mount

In my trip (05-07-2010), I visited telaga warna. That was a beautiful place, they said that telaga warna can show the different view color. Thais is the picture:

Telaga warna-kompleks telaga warna

I also visited some temples… They look beautiful with the mountain view. This is one of the temple’s picture:

Kompleks Candi Arjuna – Kompleks candi Arjuna

In front of Candi

But, I am sorry I did not take many good photos, maybe sometimes I will take better photos. And I also sorry because I can’t pose well… hehehe… 😛