Turtle (My Bro’s Pet)

We have new friend, the name is Titi and Toto. There are the small turtle.

Titi and Toto is my Brother’s pet. My brother got Titi and Toto as his birthday’s present from his friends.

My brother frequently clean their cage and also feed them twice a day.  We use lamp’s light  to keep their warm.

Titi and Toto are the shy turtle. I love watching their behaviors. Check this video:

1. What a shy turtle 🙂

2. What a funny 😛


I know 1 – Phytoplankton (Fitoplankton)

Phytoplankton (fitoplankton) is one of a microscopic water organism. You can find them in the fresh water and in marine water.  They also called microscopic algae. They have important role as a producer, some small fishes and larvae (consumer tropic level 1) need phytoplankton as their food.

When I did my research at 2011 in Mayangan Estuarine, West Java (Indonesia)… I collected some kind of phytoplankton and I take their picture.


My favorite one is Diatom (Bacillariophyceae) because it has many different form. The shell of a Diatom made of silica. If you find them in the water with microscope, they look beautiful.  Here is the picture :






Chaetoceros – It look like a spider right?? 🙂


Thalassiosira Do you want necklace like this? kekekekeke 😛

Beside Diatom (Bacillariophyceae), I have found the other Class of phytoplankton (kelas fitoplankton lainnya), such as Chrysophyceae, Cyanophyceae, and Dinophyceae. I also analyze some factors that affecting their life. Some of the factors are silica, DIN (Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen), and ortofosfat.

If you want to know more about that, you can read my undergraduate thesis (Skripsi):

“Struktur komunitas Fitoplankton di Perairan Estuari Mayangan, Jawa Barat”

at IPB’s library Bogor or you can read this (not yet uploaded).

Tes Potensi Akademik (TPA)

March, 2013 is my first time joined Tes Potensi Akademik (TPA),  I just want to know how much my score is. Before test, I studied with TPA’s book test  that I bought before. In truth, I bought that book to help me at jobs recruitment. Now, I want to continue my studied at postgraduate, so I often read that book.

“I wish I was accepted at IPB postgraduate program”

The test that I followed organized by IPB, whom cooperate with Bappenas.

TPA divided into 3 sub tests. Sub 1 for verbal ability (kemampuan verbal), sub 2 for quantitative ability (kemampuan kualitatif), and sub 3 for reasoning ability (kemampuan penalaran). My TPA’s total score is 549,87. I think, that was enough for me. The scale of total score is 200-800, so I am in average 😛                                                                       This is my TPA result’s form (form hasil TPA):


If you want to follow TPA test, you must exercise first, so you can manage your time when you doing the test. The difficulties from the test is all about time, they just give you limited time, so you must use your time wisely. Do the easy question first, don’t focus with one question. If you can’t answer the question, than move to the other question. Good luck 🙂